Local Restaurants

There is always the difficulty that restaurants need to be classified by location, cusine/ethnicity and price. Vancouver has literally hundreds of restaurants, so we have chosen to concentrate on "what is local" moving outwards from U.B.C. -- but we've also added a few Vancouver "classics". 

First there are several informal quality restaurants on upper 10th Ave, the neighbourhood between Sasamat and Trimble streets. Notice that building numbers fall as one moves eastwards. Some recommendations are:

University Golf-Club: your typical sports bar and grill, located at 5185 University Boulevard (i.e. 10th Ave within the former "endowment lands") on the north side, tele: 604-224-7799.

Candia Taverna: traditional Greco-Roman cuisine, including pizza. 4510 W. 10th Ave., tele 604-228-9512.

Burgoo Bistro: imaginative mixed menu meals served in a bowl. 4434 W. 10th Ave., tele 604-221-7839.

Provence Mediterranean Grill: quality French cuisine. 4473 W. 10th Ave., tele 604-222-1980.

Ginger and Chili Restaurant: a low price, Chinese eatery that wins accolades for its namesake dish. 4423 W. 10th Ave., tele 604-222-2229

Enigma: lounge style eatery (bar and grill) with a pretentious name. 4397 W. 10th Ave. 

Further afield, we recommend:

Cheshire Cheese Inn: good pub lunches. 4585 Dunbar St., tele 604-224-2521.

Athene's Restaurant: Greco-Roman with the pillars, murals, friezes, etc. 3618 W. Broadway (i.e. 9th Ave), tele 604-731-4135.

Montri's Thai Restaurant: pleasant and authentic (no luncheon). 3629 W. Broadway, tele 604-738-9888.

Kerkis, Greek Taverna: replaces the former "Lorenzo Ristorante" and offers similar fare to Athene's with a little more refinement. 3605 W. 4th Avenue, Vancouver, tele: 604-731-2712.

Topanga Cafe: a cut above the usual Mexican eatery. 2904 W.4th Ave., tele 604-733-3713.

Nyala Ethiopian Restaurant: authentic and unusual, 2930 W.4th Ave, 604-731-7899

Acropol Taverna: smaller menu than Athene's, more intimate ambience. 2942 W. Broadway, tele 604-733-2412.

Trafalgars: bistro style French with worldly influences + remarkable desserts and cakes, 2603 West 16th Ave. @ Trafalgar St., tele 604-739-0555.

Bishop's: Consistently rated one of Vancouver's best restaurants; Pacific northwest cuisine, 183 West 4th Ave., tele 604-738-2025.

Lumiere Restaurant: award-winning French cuisine. 2551 W. Broadway (i.e. 9th Ave), tele 604-739-8185.

Chianti Cafe and Restaurant: comfortable Italian restaurant (not a Pizza joint). 1850 W. 4th Ave., tele 604-738-8411.

Vij's: not your typical Indian restaurant, 1480 West 11th Ave., tele: 604-736-6664 (no reservations).

Those looking for North-West cuisine with an emphasis on fresh fish and seafood should consider:

The Cannery Seafood Restaurant: excellent food in an obscure location. At the foot of Victoria St., 2205 Commissioner, tele 604-254-9606.

A Kettle of Fish: 900 Pacific St. at the north end of Granville bridge, tele 

The Fish House in Stanley Park: great food and minutes walk from old growth forest. 8901 Stanley Park Drive, tele 604-681-7275.

Salmon House on the Hill, a Vancouver tradition. 2229 Folkestone Way
West Vancouver, tele 604-926-3212. 

last modified:05 April, 2004